Jiufen 九份

Jiufen Old Street is the busiest part of Jiufen. It is actually composed of several streets that form a “丰”shape. From top to down, the three horizontal streets are: Jishan Street, Qingbian Road and Qiche Road. Jishan Street is the most densely populated with snack and specialty shops. The vertical street is Shuqi Road comprising hundreds of stone steps where tea houses are many. Jiufen offers a variety of traditional snacks, such as “sweet potato taros,” taro cakes, taro balls and grass cakes. If street fun not for you, pick a tea house to immerse in serenity while recalling scenes from A City of Sadness, a Taiwanese film shot on location here. This shall be the best way to stay away from the hustles and bustles for a while.
There are quite a few historic sites worth a visit in Jiufen, too. Stepping into these places and you shall feel you have travelled back to the past. Local operas were staged in the Shengping Theatre; many people come here to take photos these days. Wufankeng has a rich mining history. Songde Park showcases sculptures made by dedicated artists. Bangkengkou is a remain from an old railway tunnel. Fushan Temple is a great place to watch cherry blossoms in the spring. There’s a famous “temple within a temple,” too. Be sure to visit some of these places if you wish to gain a deeper understanding of Jiufen’s history, culture and customs.